Waiting on the LORD

Isaiah 40:31

“…those who wait for Yahweh will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run, and not be weary. They will walk, and not faint.

The translation of the word “wait” does not do justice to the Hebrew language. “Wait” gives the connotation of waiting in line for something. The Hebrew verb QWH (H6960) may be translated as “wait,” but there is a deeper meaning.

QWH also means: gather, endure, strong rope. As we “wait” for the LORD to move, we actively (or even subconsciously) think through, plan, and observe. There is nothing passive about waiting. Even when nothing seems to be happening, God is at work bringing all of the details together until “the fulness of time” when God’s work becomes more obvious.

As I have told people on many occasions, don’t beat yourself up when you don’t feel like you are getting stuff done. There are times when we need to let down and take a break. During the down times, pray, look for how God is at work in your life. At the right time, the results will be awesome!

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